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Project Description
This application generates statistics on the usage of keyboard and mouse.


  • Mouse
    • Record mouse travel distance and number of mouse clicks
    • Record mouse wheel scrolling
    • Clicks per hour
    • Mouse track map (draws the mouse cursor track)
    • Drag track map (draws lines when mouse is down)
    • Click map (draws a point at each click)
    • Double click map (draws a point at each double-click)
    • Active mouse time (total time when the mouse has been in use)
  • Keyboard
    • Record keyboard strokes
    • Keystrokes per hour
    • Key frequency
    • Active keyboard time
  • Applications
    • Record time per application
    • Report mouse and keyboard usage per application
  • Interruptions
    • Records interruptions (no mouse/keyboard activity for a given time)
    • Interruptions per hour
  • Reports
    • Automatically stored as .txt and .png

Mouse track - 8 hours in Visual Studio

Current problems
  • The application 'hangs' on minimize

Requirements to build this application
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • .NET 4.0


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